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MAXapps Solution for Education:
A Flexible Workflow Application

The Challenge

Bates integrates IBM Maximo to manage its campus work. An extensive IBM Maximo workflow was designed and implemented. Bates was looking for a solution to mobilize its workflow across all devices. Each technician was equipped with an iPad, and all work orders will now be processed and assigned electronically, eliminating the traditional paper-based process.

Maxapps: Workflow Management

Workflow Management

The manager is responsible for initiating the workflow and assigning tasks. Based on the workflow rules, the appropriate technician should be notified.

Maxapps: Multi Media Usage

Multi Media Usage

Bates sought to use video, audio and images to document the work done in the field by the teams.

The Context

Bates College was founded in 1855 in Lewiston, Maine. It is internationally recognized as a premier liberal arts college. The college has an enrollment of approximately 2,000 students. The Facility Services department is responsible for the planning, construction, renovation, maintenance, and repair of the college's buildings and facilities, as well as the provision of utilities, waste collection, janitorial services, and other mission-critical services at Bates.

The Solution

Bates chose MAXapps so technicians can see their worklist, manage it efficiently, get drawings and information directly on their iPads, and enter their work time and any work log notes for each work order right on the spot. They will be able to better communicate, track needs and progress directly in the mobile application. They will check assets in the field and document conditions more easily and consistently as they perform their important work on campus.

Maxapps: Maximo Workflow on Device

Maximo Workflow on Device

Assignments are now acquired and delivered in real-time. Workflow is enabled on the devices, allowing labor management to follow the Bates process.

Maxapps: Rich Experience

Rich Experience

With the mobile solution, Bates finds that more technicians are using the system, improving overall communication and efficiency.

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