Delete user information

  • Open the MaxApps application on your mobile phone.
  • Access the application settings by tapping on the settings icon or by tapping on the application menu button and selecting "Settings".
  • Scroll through the settings page until you find the option "Delete my data" or "Clear my data".
  • Tap on this option and confirm your choice by answering any confirmation prompts presented by the application.
  • Once you have confirmed that you want to delete your data, the data associated with your MaxApps account will be removed from the application.
  • If you have also connected your MaxApps account to Facebook, you will need to remove MaxApps data from your Facebook account by following Facebook's instructions for deleting an application.
  • Verify that your data has been deleted by closing and reopening the MaxApps application to ensure that all of your previous information has been removed.
It is important to note that if MaxApps does not store any personal information about the user, it is possible that the data collected by Facebook as part of the integration of MaxApps with Facebook may not be deleted. In this case, it is recommended that users refer to Facebook's instructions for deleting MaxApps data from their Facebook account.